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Contractor Conflict Resolution

Should you have a problem with your contractor, you have several different ways to resolve the disagreement. First, address the issue by explaining your concerns and requesting information. Give the contractor a chance to explain his side and, if necessary, remedy the situation. Follow these steps to resolve your issue:

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Recognize all solutions and prioritize them
  3. Analyze the potential solution
  4. Select the best solution. Confirm that the agreement is acceptable to all sides

In assuming problem resolution, follow these tips:

  1. Listen to each other completely before speaking
  2. Encourage ideas
  3. Identify ideas that provide solutions
  4. Seek mutual understanding
  5. Consider a 3rd Party

If a solution cannot be attained, seek a 3rd Party. If you feel the project should not proceed any further, discuss with the contractor how it might be closed and what payments or refunds remain outstanding. The last course of action is to file a lawsuit. Lawsuits are expensive, in both time and money. Also, you may have to find another contractor to finish the job while you wait for your litigation to be resolved. Failure to pay a contractor can have negative consequences. In some cases, lien rights can be exercised on your property until payment is received.

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